Residents of Baylake Pines Neighborhood have expressed an interest in obtaining a Golf Cart Community designation. Many of our residents have enjoyed the use of “modified” golf carts over the years, which are not legal on city streets in Virginia Beach and the law has recently been enforced in Baylake Pines. If we can obtain the necessary signatures and obtain the approval of City Council, our neighborhood will enjoy the following benefits:
• Increase the level of social activity and mobility (including the aged or affirmed),
• Make trips to the beach a fun, safe adventure rather than a cumbersome walk or dangerous bike ride
• Reduce resident’s complaints of car tire damage to their yards,
• Reduce emissions in our environmentally-conscious neighborhood.

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Currently, one can purchase a “Street Legal Golf Cart” which is a faster moving vehicle than a typical golf cart, reaching speeds up to 35 mph, which make them legal to use on streets posted as 35mph, which includes Shore Dr. One might have seen a few of these larger vehicles moving around Chicks Beach, Lynnhaven Colony, and Cape Story, as they have grown in popularity. One concern that has been raised is that if residents feel forced to purchase these more expensive vehicles rather than a standard golf cart, we might see increased speeds of these quiet vehicles within our neighborhood. More disconcerting might be that our teens might take the street legal golf carts onto Shore Drive, which is legal now that it is posted 35mph. Even our older residents might choose to take a street legal golf cart for a quick trip to Kroger.

On the othe hand, the slower speeds of the modified golf carts are beneficial for pedestrians, bikers, and other cars as compared to the faster Street Legal Carts. And these carts can only be used between sunset and sunrise if equipped with lights.

By passing an ordinance that makes Baylake Pines a Golf Cart Community, the safe travels of our residents throughout our sociable beach community would be enhanced.

Anyone with a valid driver’s license can operate either cart. Standard parking laws will still apply to any vehicle: you cannot impede traffic, must have all four tires off the pavement on Sandy Bay, and you cannot block the beach access. Golf Carts of any kind ar not allowed on our beaches, unless the driver has a medical waiver! The third precinct has expressed their support of this effort and has indicated that there have been “ZERO” complaints to the department about golf-carts from our neighborhood.

In order to receive a BLP vehicle decal, the golf cart owner would need to sign our Safety and Courtesy Pledge and share in the cost of the purchase and maintenance of the street signs designating the neighborhood for Golf Carts. We would need 85% of the residents along each designated street to sign the petition. Our petition would go to City Council for a vote and the Virginia Beach Traffic Engineering Department will give their recommendations. Our objective with pursuing the designation is to be compliant with the traffic laws, while making our neighborhood a safe, enjoyable, friendly environment. We hope that you find this effort to be in the best interests of our neighborhood and will support the petition by signing our online petition. Copy this address to your browser:

Your comments below are encouraged. Please contact Windy Crutchfield with any questions, concerns, or complaints.
Windy Crutchfield. Email: Cell 646-8056.